The Ten Most Popular Coffee Specialties

The Ten Most Popular Coffee Specialties

Coffee variety for connoisseurs – 10 popular coffee specialties

Black and tart or sweet and creamy, coffee is presented today in a variety of taste experiences. The list of coffee specialties is long, so there is a suitable variant for every gourmet. Depending on how they are prepared, the benefits of roasted beans come out very differently. Which is your favorite among the aromatic coffee specialties?

The top 10 coffee specialties

In the following, we present the 10 most popular coffee specialties. Since coffee is so diverse, there is something here for every taste. Many of the coffee specialties can also be modified individually according to your preferences.

The aromatic: the classic cup of coffee

The most popular coffee variant for everyday life is the classically brewed coffee. It brings out the aroma of the beans in their roast. It can be prepared with the coffee machine, the French press or the espresso machine. You can also brew it by hand in a high-quality porcelain filter. As a modification to the black cup of coffee, it can be prepared with coffee cream and sugar or their alternatives to taste. An often ridiculed variation is the “flower coffee”. It is boiled with a little ground coffee, which is why it has a very mild aroma.

The mild coffee variant: milk coffee

The milk coffee is a coffee specialty. It uses large amounts of milk for the preparation. The preparation method for the hot drink varies depending on the country. Borrowed from Austria’s world of indulgence, coffee fans can also enjoy milk coffee as a “Melange” (half coffee and half milk), which was first offered in Vienna in 1830, or as “Kaffee verkehrt” (2/3 milk to 1/3 coffee). In France, milk coffee is enjoyed as a “ café au lait ”. The basis is often a lungo (espresso preparation with twice the amount of water) or strong filter coffee. The café au lait is served in a large cup or bowl.

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The “little” Italian: espresso

Today espresso is one of the classics that found its way to us from Italy. Served in small cups, it is a strongly aromatic coffee. It is pressed through particularly fine coffee powder at high pressure. Often you drink it black, but depending on your taste it can also be sweetened. Sometimes you mix the espresso with a grappa and serve it as a “Caffé Coretto”.

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The creamy pleasure: cappuccino

The cappuccino is also one of the classics. An espresso is made to prepare this coffee specialty. This is then filled with hot frothed milk in a normal sized cup (approx. 120 ml). If desired, the milk cream can be individually sweetened with a little cocoa or chocolate sprinkles.

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The “tainted milk”: Latte Macchiato

The latte macchiato is one of the coffee drinkers’ favorites. It can be translated as “tainted milk”. The creamy white coffee is made from an espresso in a similar way to the cappuccino and supplemented with warm milk and milk foam. The latte macchiato is typically served in a tall glass and a long-handled spoon. Sweetening with sugar is done at will.

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Arabic coffee specialty: Turkish coffee or mocha

Home and spread in the Arab world, the Turkish coffee or mocha is also popular. When preparing the mocha, particularly fine coffee powder is usually boiled twice with water in a long- handled jug. After the first boil, the hot cups are filled with the resulting foam spoon by spoon. After the second boiling, the coffee is poured with the coffee powder and the coffee is left to steep until the coffee grounds settle. You can accelerate the settling with a few drops of ice-cold water.

Our tip : Arabic mocha is refined with cardamom, cinnamon or cloves and gets a great oriental note.

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If the cup of the coffee specialty is empty, it can be placed upside down on the coaster for a while. The coffee grounds can be interpreted by an experienced reader below.

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Substantial coffee specialties: Coffee “with a shot”

The “shot” is usually alcoholic in nature and gives the aromatic hot drink a very special note.

Coffee specialties such as “Rüdesheimer Kaffee”, in which the coffee is flambéed with brandy before it is refined with cream, vanilla sugar and chocolate sprinkles, are known and popular. The “Pharisee” has a strong dash of rum under the cream, while the “ Dutch coffee” is refined with eggnog.

Also popular is the Canarian specialty “Barraquito”, which is served in a glass and shines optically through different layers that stand out from one another. The “Barraquito” consists of an espresso, condensed milk, frothed milk, liqueur and fresh lemon peel.

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The summer favorite: Iced coffee in various variations

If you prefer cool drinks in summer, you don’t have to do without aromatic coffee specialties. Iced coffee is usually served from cold coffee with milk together with a milk ice cream and garnished with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. For espresso fans, an Italian-style iced espresso can be offered as an espresso with ice cubes. The “Affogato al Caffé” (translated: “drowned in coffee”), on the other hand, lets an ice ball with vanilla, chocolate or hazelnut drown in a hot espresso.

The so-called Flavored Coffee, which comes from the American latitudes, leaves almost nothing to be desired. Flavored with various types of  syrup, such as caramel, vanilla, chocolate or sweet fruit components, almost any of the coffee specialties – from simple coffee to latte macchiato, can be individually refined to suit the personal taste of the coffee fan.

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The “newcomer”: green coffee

Green coffee is still quite new to our coffee specialties. This is not an independent fruit, but the so-called green coffee. While coffee beans are usually roasted before grinding, the green coffee remains in its untreated, dried form for grinding. The taste is much milder and is reminiscent of green tea with only a subtle coffee note.

Our conclusion: coffee specialties for every taste

Although coffee is usually only made from the Arabica and Robusta varieties, coffee specialties offer countless enjoyment variations that have something to offer for every taste.

  • the preparation varies the taste
  • many coffee specialties can be modified individually