What Is a Drip Pot Woodneck?

What Is a Drip Pot Woodneck?

This is a filigree serving carafe that has been encased in wood at its taper to enable it to be operated without burns. A fabric filter made of cotton is placed on top of it. The filter and carafe are held together by a two-part wooden ring and a leather strap. While this type of coffee preparation is similar to classic production with a paper filter, a cotton filter ensures that it can be reused. In addition, the coffee prepared in this way has a significantly more characteristic body than with other filter methods.

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“Who invented it?”

Preparing coffee with a cotton filter rather than a paper filter has been popular for a long time, especially in Japan and Brazil. Coffee has been made in Japan using a cotton filter since the 1920s. This method has also gained popularity in the USA in recent years.

What is the best way to prepare your coffee in the Drip Pot Woodneck?

You brew your coffee just like you are used to with the classic filter method. However, you should rinse the filter with hot water before using it. The seam must point outwards. The fabric must draw water and be soaked!

  • Grind about 25 g of coffee with medium freeness
  • Fill the coffee grounds into the filter
  • Slowly pour about 400 ml of hot water over everything

The filter cleaning

To ensure a longer shelf life, rinse the filter thoroughly under running hot water after each use and then place it in a container with cold water or in a zip bag that you put in the refrigerator. So you can use the filter for several months. If you do not like the idea of ​​storing in the refrigerator, you can of course rinse the filter with hot water after each use and then simply hang it up to dry. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Hario Drip Pot?

You can buy the Hario Drip Pot Woodneck for the quantities of 240ml and 480ml. This type of preparation is perfect for all those who want a little more body from their filter coffee. In contrast to the paper filter, which absorbs and binds the coffee oils, this is not the case with the cotton filter. This gives the coffee in the Hario Drip Pot Woodneck an incomparable texture.

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The result is a very aromatic coffee with a glossy color that tastes as rich as an espresso without having the extreme intensity of this drink. You achieve a richer result with a much clearer taste than is the case with the French press. The linchpin in this type of preparation is clearly the use of the cotton filter, which also holds back almost all sediments, so that a particularly clear coffee taste can develop. The other advantages at a glance:

  • The reusability of the cotton filter means that there is no waste. This is not only sustainable, but also saves costs
  • The handling is very easy
  • The result is perfect, you get a clear coffee with a full body
  • The only disadvantage: If you want to entertain a large crowd, you have to start several brewing processes, even with the large jug.


The Drip Pot Woodneck is an excellent alternative to the classic brewing process using paper filter bags. With this method you particularly benefit from:

  • The reuse of the cotton filter
  • The easy handling
  • The delicious, rich and aromatic coffee enjoyment