Which Espresso Machine Is Best for You?

Which Espresso Machine Is Best for You?

Who does not know the delicious hot drink! Originally from Milan, in this way of preparing coffee, hot water is pressed at high pressure through particularly finely ground coffee from dark roasted coffee beans. This concentrated coffee with its thick, hazelnut-brown foam layer, the proverbial “crema”, is a real pleasure that is served in the typical small, thick-walled, preheated cups, often with a glass of water.

How does an espresso machine work?

The special thing about such a maker is that the water is pressed through very finely ground coffee at a pressure of 9 bar. Due to the high pressure, the powder comes into contact with the water for about 25 seconds, so some conditions must be met in order for the drink to be successful.

  1. The espresso beans must be ground very finely with a grinding degree of 2 to 3 so that the water can absorb sufficient aroma in the short time. Because here the principle applies: the finer the beans are ground, the larger the contact surface and the more aroma the water can absorb.
  2. The grist needs to be squeezed very firmly so that it doesn’t fly around when the water hits it.
  3. You should distribute espresso powder evenly in the portafilter so that there are no bumps.

Is Buying a Single Circuit Espresso Machine Right For You?

To answer this question, you should think about your coffee drinking behavior before purchasing. The following questions will help you:

  1. Do you also like to drink a latte macciato or a cappuccino ?
  2. Do you often have guests who not only like espresso or coffee, but also other types of coffee?
  3. Would you also like to use the espresso machine to prepare the milk foam?

If you answer the two questions with “yes” in particular, then the single circle is only partially suitable for your purposes. Because such a machine heats the water in the boiler to a temperature of around 90 degrees Celsius. This is exactly the temperature you need to make a good espresso. If you now also want to prepare the milk foam with the machine, you need a higher temperature to generate steam, namely around 110 degrees Celsius to 130 degrees Celsius.

However, when making cappuccino or latte macciato, you need both temperatures. This is a real challenge for the single circuit, because it only has one boiler and one transport path, but it has to generate two different temperatures. If you just want to prepare a cappuccino for yourself, this is not a problem. However, if you have to provide several guests with such a drink, the preparation becomes more complex and also lengthy.

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Under what circumstances is it advisable to purchase a dual circuit?

The dual circuit avoids this problem. Because with such a machine there is a large kettle with hot water for making tea and steam for frothing the milk. This is the first cycle for the water with temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius. It encloses a small water chamber into which fresh, cold water flows. This is achieved either by a tank or a fixed water connection. When passing through the much hotter steam boiler, the water heats up to the ideal temperature for brewing, determined by the factors “cycle time” and “ambient temperature”. The design enables brewing water and steam to be dispensed at the same time, without any annoying waiting times. So if you want to enjoy different types of coffee alone or with your guests, an espresso machine of this design is more recommended.

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When is it advisable to buy a machine with a dual boiler?

Dual boilers are also available on the market. These are espresso machines that each have a boiler for the steam and the brewing water. The advantage of such a design is obvious: The desired temperatures can be set independently of each other in the two boilers. These portafilter machines are also characterized by an excellent temperature consistency, whereby it does not matter how much steam you need to make drinks. The brewing water is always kept at the correct temperature. Dual boilers are, so to speak, the professionals among espresso machines and are accordingly also in the upper price segment.

The following article explains in detail the difference between a single circuit and dual circuit machine

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La Piccola PERLA: Functionality meets classic elegance

With this model you acquire a pod espresso machine of exceptional provenance. Truly not a mass product, the high-quality and extremely robust materials as well as the first-class workmanship are particularly noticeable. La Piccola PERLA impresses with its particularly long service life and demonstrates that you can also make excellent espresso with pods. The slightly corrugated surface, the compact cube and the stainless steel housing with refined surface structure make the espresso machine a real must-have if you want to enjoy a delicious espresso every now and then.

La Piccola Sara Classic Inox Vapore

The specialty of this noble brand is the milk frother. The excellent workmanship with high-quality and robust materials guarantees you an extremely long service life. Available with red, gray and black side parts, the La Piccola Sara is the right variant if you want to serve yourself and one of your guests a latte macchiato or a cappuccino .

La Piccola Cecilia 2 groups manual Nero

With this design you are choosing a very classy espresso machine for ESE pods. It is provided with two individually usable brewing groups and a high-quality milk frother. The purchase of a La Piccola Cecilia 2 Maneull Nero brew group is particularly suitable if you want to prepare different types of coffee for yourself and your guests in the shortest possible time.

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Whether you opt for a single-circuit , dual-circuit or dual boiler within the espresso machines ultimately depends on your preferences.

  • Choose the single circle if you and your guests mainly want to drink espresso
  • The two-circle machine is suitable for making different types of coffee for you and your guests