Your Coffee Doesn’t Taste Good? Tips & Tricks For A Better Coffee Taste.

Your Coffee Doesn’t Taste Good? Tips & Tricks For A Better Coffee Taste.

Do you like to drink coffee at home? are you satisfied with the quality? Doesn’t the filter coffee that you brew with your coffee machine taste good and leave an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth? And every time you drink the black broth, do you say that now is the time to change something about this situation? Then start now! Because life is too short to drink too much bad coffee. In this article, we will tell you what you specifically need to change to banish bad-tasting coffee from your own four walls forever. If you follow our advice and are willing to spend just a little more money than before on your coffee consumption, you will never have to drink bad filter coffee at home again.

Filter your drinking water

Filter coffee consists of 98-99% of water. So if the water quality is not good, the coffee made with it can never be really good either. So it is important to first check which water is flowing from the tap in your home. Is the water too hard? Is the pH of the water correct? You should always use fresh, mineral-rich water to prepare coffee. The water hardness should be between 4-6 ° dH and the water should have a pH value of 7. If the water is too hard, the more the actual aromas of the coffee are distorted. Basically, we advise you to filter your water with a commercially available table water filter, e.g. from BRITA.

Buy whole beans from a specialty roaster

If the raw material used for your coffee is already top quality, there is a high probability that you will achieve an acceptable result in the cup. We can advise you to invest a few dollars more in good coffee beans because the differences between discounter goods and specialty coffee are enormous in terms of taste. Don’t worry: you don’t have to spend a fortune on good coffee beans now (but you should invest $ 30-40 per kilo). Ideally, you buy your beans directly from a (smaller) specialty roastery in your city or the Internet. Nowadays numerous roasters sell their beans through an online shop.

Grind the beans just before brewing them

Coffee beans give off around 60% of their aromas within 15 minutes of grinding. Whole beans preserve flavor and aroma best. Whole beans purchased from a specialty roaster should be grinded just before brewing. The best way to do this is to use an (electric) grinder with a conical or disc grinder. A good electric grinder for beginners is the Graef CM 800 or the Baratza Encore coffee grinder.

Even a hand mill with a conical grinder like the Porlex Tall hand coffee grinder made of stainless steel with a ceramic grinder does a decent job in our opinion. We cannot recommend buying a fly knife mill. Although these mills are inexpensive to purchase, they do not grind the beans homogeneously but chop the beans with two knives while generating a lot of heat. The heat removes valuable aromas from the coffee. The result: your coffee doesn’t taste good.

Coffee doesn’t taste good? Then try pour-over coffee.

Do you want to enjoy an outstanding coffee taste at home? Then it is time to say goodbye to your (old) filter coffee machine first and make friends with the pour-over brewing method. This method is one of the most popular alternative preparation methods. Pour-over coffee is nothing more than a coffee that has been carefully filtered by hand. The technology behind it is really simple because you only need a hand filter with filter paper, a serving jug, freshly ground coffee beans, and hot water (approx. 94 ° Celsius). The hot water is poured onto the coffee grounds so that the coffee is slowly extracted and dribbled into the coffee pot. In this way, a clear coffee is brewed that brings out fine aromas particularly well. With really good coffee beans that is enjoyment at the highest level!

The right equipment

We have put together an overview of the equipment with which, in our opinion, you can prepare delicious filter coffee. All in all, you get a one-off acquisition cost for the equipment of around $ 200. That’s a well invested $ 200 that will bring you lasting taste explosions!


You no longer have to be satisfied with the bad taste that some in this country call coffee. Preparing delicious coffee is not difficult at all if you follow the basic rules listed above. You don’t need much to enjoy top quality in your own four walls. And then you can say goodbye forever to the watery caffeine broth that has been dripping from your old coffee machine for years!