Pure Caffeine – Zombie Coffee Is the Strongest Coffee in the World

Pure Caffeine – Zombie Coffee Is the Strongest Coffee in the World

The absolute caffeine kick – “enjoyment” at the limit or even beyond?

For a proper caffeine kick, test subjects, party-goers or those who work the night long like to prepare a particularly strong coffee. Some just can’t get enough of the pick-me-up and compete for the strongest coffee in the world. So today let’s take a look at the roasting houses and cafés that advertise, for example, with the zombie coffee, “bringing the dead back to life”.

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The competition for the strongest coffee in the world

Creating the strongest coffee in the world is of course not easy. Nevertheless, several roasters and cafés are vying for this title. While the Australian barista and café owner Steve Bennington is causing a sensation in Adelaide with his strikingly titled “Asskicker ”, roasters like Zombie Kaffee also offer American customers an extraordinary caffeine kick.

The names of the supposedly strongest types of coffee should of course have it all. While the name of the zombie coffee already reveals that it supposedly “brings the dead to life”, an American variety is called Banned Coffee and thus plays with the myth of the forbidden. Black Insomnia Coffee, also from America, not only advertises insomnia, but also puts its coffee in a black bag with a white cross to remind of the danger symbol for harmful substances. Death Wish, whose box is decorated with a skull, follows a similar strategy.

All of these are of course purely advertising strategies and do not yet reveal how much potential there is really in the coffee. So let’s take a closer look at the coffee cups and their caffeine content.

Origin and information about the strongest coffees in the world

Of course, we don’t know the exact recipe for “Asskicker”. But, Steve Bennington states that the brew contains four espressos, 120 ml cold brew coffee that has steeped for ten days, and eight cold brew ice cubes that have steeped for 48 hours. The “Asskicker” with a full five grams of caffeine is said to have 80 times more of the pick-me-up than an espresso and is supposed to keep you awake for 18 hours.

While we know at least roughly how it is prepared with the “Asskicker”, the roasters of the strongest coffees keep a big secret about their roasting recipes, but always rely on Robusta beans, which have much more caffeine content than conventional Arabica beans. Small specialty roasters in particular, but also large and established companies, rely on high-quality and carefully selected Robusta, the quality of which is in no way inferior to that of arabica beans.

Zombie coffee

The Zombie Coffee, developed by entrepreneurs and coffee addicts Volker Beckert and Stefan Andorfer, offers three products of different strengths.

Zombie Coffee 100 is touted as an entry-level product and is said to have “a quick-igniting effect and immediately increase awareness”. The Zombie Coffee 200,on the other hand, is intended for advanced caffeine connoisseurs who have a “permanent desire for increased motivation in times of stress”. And Zombie Coffee 300, which consists of fully ripened, South African robusta beans and contains a lot of caffeine due to a special roasting process, is said to “lead directly to long-lasting insomnia in connection with energetic attacks.” At the same time, the taste should match the caffeine content in no way inferior. A combination of notes of chocolate, cocoa and caramel offers a strong, nutty aroma.

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Death Wish

The coffee with the skull was created by Mike Brown after many experiments with different bean mixtures and roasting processes. The owner of a coffee shop in Saratoga Springs (New York), which opened in 2011, has now used his miracle weapon to advertise fatigue.

Banned Coffee

Behind the Banned Coffee brand is the former French racing driver Terry Rossi, who, with his partners in Los Angeles, supplied coffee for luxury hotels. With the help of European technology and experienced coffee roasters, he developed Banned Coffee, a product for the mass market – even if the high caffeine content may not be suitable for everyone.

In order to get solid figures on the caffeine content of his coffee and that of the competition, Terry Rossi launched a true caffeine war on the company blog and invested in laboratory tests. According to the published results, there are 237 milligrams of caffeine in every cup of Banned Coffee, while Death Wish Coffee was significantly less at 151 milligrams.

Black Insomnia Coffee

However, Black Insomnia Coffee offers the highest caffeine content per cupIts founder, Sean Kristafor, claims that his coffee contains 702 milligrams per cup, making it the only one to earn the title of “strongest coffee in the world”. The former manager quit his job after 25 years and dedicated himself to the coffee business from South Africa.

In order to underpin the reputation of his supposedly strongest coffee in the world, he has every margin tested in a Swiss laboratory. However, critics doubt that such high caffeine levels are even possible without the addition of artificial caffeine. No scientist has yet researched this.

But what does science say about the health aspects of caffeine? So let’s take a look at the risks of excessively high caffeine levels.

Too much caffeine in zombie coffee?

Anyone who has to or wants to stay awake for a long time likes to use caffeine as a stimulant. However, too much caffeine can be harmful to health. The studies on this substance, however, give very different results. On the one hand, caffeine is said to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strengthen memory, and on the other, it is said to deprive the body of water and make it dependent. Ten grams can also be fatal. A large amount of caffeine should therefore be consumed with caution, in case of doubt the advice of a doctor is always recommended.

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We think : if you prefer strong coffee, you shouldn’t have to do without excellent aromas and an all-round harmonious taste experience. With the roasts of Zombie Coffee in strengths 100200 and 300, you will find exactly that, give it a try. However, we cannot guarantee that the coffee made from these beans will “bring the dead to life”.
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